Monday, 26 December 2016

Enroll Your Young and Energetic Tots in One of the Best Day Care Schools in Noida

Ramagya International is a sprawling school situated in the heart of Noida. You have Day care, Lower Kinder Garten, Upper Kinder Garten and schooling up until 12th grade. Enrolling your kids in this school thus provides a solid foundation for your children. 
 We are providing 4 fantastic reasons as to why you should enroll your kid with Ramagya International 

The school is affiliated to CBSE syllabus
As you all know, CBSE syllabus is neither too hectic for the kids nor is it any way far from enveloping higher standards of education amongst your kids. The school also has a wing dedicated to the coaching of IIT-JEE Mains entrance examination. You can also choose Medical or Chartered Accountancy. You have a number of scholastic and extra-curricular activities to mold your children into independent individuals. Hence you have knocked the doors of the best school in Noida.

Want an exclusive homely atmosphere for your tiny tots?
Ramagya International believes in maintaining an optimal student-teacher ratio in order to provide undivided attention to all the kids. It is not the case of dumping 40 students in the same class-room under the control of one teacher.
Day Care School in Noida
Day Care School

Here you have two to three teachers sitting in the same class-room. You have one teacher playing video rhymes to a set of children. You have another teacher catering to tiny-tots involving them with clay-modeling activities. And you have the third teacher telling wonderful fairy tale stories to children. This way, your kid is introduced to multi-faceted aspects of learning but in a fun way. You thus have the best day care school in Noida.

Trips and excursions
You also have exciting field trips and excursions conducted for kids across age-groups. These excursions are domestic as well as international trips. The trips inculcate togetherness, interdependence and friendly communicative skills in a group. The trips are conducted from time to time. You can unveil magic with one of the most excitement driven schools in Noida.

Extra-curricular activities
There are quite a lot of schools whose sole focus is academics. But today’s generation is a lot more different. It is just not marks or fabulous degree certificates that can help you succeed as an individual. Sports activities, dance, theater, drama, personality development and personal grooming are themes that mold individuals into independent beings. At Ramagya International, you absolutely have no dearth of exploring fantastic extra-curricular activities. This is a dynamic cum result oriented school in Noida.

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